Sunday, September 19, 2010

Real Life Wedding: Bosnians Know How to Party

Sometimes chance meetings happen in life that are too good to be true and if you did not witness themselves yourself, you'd think it was a movie.

Our closest family friends from Sarajevo immigrated to Toronto in the 90s and we lost touch with them. They have two sons, Fedja and Vedo.

While we were living in Calgary I made friends with two sisters, Erna and Edita. Erna competed in Miss Canada and while in Toronto for the competition went to a Bosnian party where she met Fedja.

To make the long story short Fedja and Erna started dating and recently got married. I unfortunately missed the amazing celebration, but everyone who was there had a blast. How could they not!? Bosnians know how to party :) Check out pics from their wedding below!

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