Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yellow and White Mood Board

My best friend decided to go with the yellow and white color scheme. I think her wedding will be more of whites and creams with just slight yellow accents, but the canary yellow just appealed to me too much not to make it the predominant color in this mood board.
Yellow pleated collar dress
Bright Yellow Bridesmaid Dress

Party Poms on Etsy

2010 Bridesmaid dress---long010---elegant and classic---Yellow dress---party dress or date dress

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sites for Reference

Two sites I frequent to get ideas for wedding fashions and for everything and anything wedding related are and

Martha is the quintessential queen of all things wedding. Signing up for her daily email with wedding ideas is a great way to get your creative juices going and apply some of those ideas to your own wedding. Not only that, you can find how to videos (for example: how to make your own bouquet) online.

While, on the other hand i frequent InStyle's website more for wedding dress and brides maid dress ideas and pictures from celebrity weddings. If they feature a dress by a particular designer I haven't heard of it leads me to find their official site and go through their entire dress collection. The more exposure, the more I am aware of what's out there and what i love.

Martha Stewart's Video - Spring Flower Bouquet

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hair Accessories - FLOWERS

Flowers, FLOWERS, flowers
Using flowers as part of your hair style on your wedding day, or even your engagement photos is a great accessory. They give a whimsical, summery feel to your look as a whole. You can use your favorite flower, or play off the flowers in your boquet and centerpieces. Maybe you decide to include the flower that your fiancee first gave you, or presented you with when he propoesed. It really can hold sentimental value and give you a one of a kind look. Below you will find some of the examples I've come across that I absolutely loved! Enjoy :)
Gorgeous handmade silk bloom - Made to order - headband or comb

Dove - Lovely and modern bridal hair piece, silk flower, detachable DewDrop veil, feathers - Made to Order

Custom Order listing for Twigs and Honey original bridal mini hat, handmade silk flowers, tulle, feathers

Custom Order listing for Twigs and Honey original bridal mini hat, handmade silk flowers, tulle, feathers

Hydrangea Bobby pins---Set of 3

Sweet Soft Petal Bridal Comb

Romantic Magnolia Hair Clip
Cherry Blossom Bridal Comb
Whisper - dainty hydrangea and feather bobbies set of four
to purchase this headpiece go to:

Willow - a bronze and gold blossom comb

Devotion - a gardenia and rhinstone wreath
Blue danube - a pretty pale blue hair clip
Mairead - a purple, periwinkle, and lavender comb

LIAISON by KAT Swank. Rosebud Fascinator with Brown Birdcage Veil (Other colors available)


Selecting your Maid of Honour (MOH) can be difficult. Should you choose a sister, cousin, best friend from childhood you rarely speak with or your current best friend? Will this person continue to be part of your life for years, decades to come? Is she trustworthy, organized, willing to help? Will she dress you up in a corset and make you perform a ridiculous list of items on your bachelorette party, or will she keep it clean and classy.

In the end you should select someone who knows you best and you know you can always count on. Someone who you love and loves you beck, unconditionally... someone I like to call your BFF.

Being selected as the Maid of Honour (MOH) is a privilege, however it comes with many obligations and numerous hours spent searching the corners of the interweb for that perfect: dress, bouquet, guestbook, favor, band, reception hall, hair accessory etc. This honour is what in fact made me aware and somewhat obsessed with all the wonderful, creative, inspiring ideas and products that are out there. Pieces of the puzzle that will make THE day perfectly and uniquely yours.