Monday, August 30, 2010

Orchids + Weddings

Sometimes all you need is a single orchid branch submerged in water to make a statement, a piece of art as your centrepiece. Orchids are beautiful. Their shape and color are visual candy. You can wear them in your hair, use them in your bouquet, incorporate them in your centrepieces or your jewelry.

Recently a friend from jr. high/high school was married in Hawaii and she chose to use white orchids throughout her wedding and it was absolutely stunning. The single orchid in her hair as she walked down the isle was the perfect compliment to the beach setting.

Making a statement with names!


Did someone say pink? Antique goes pink.
Architectural Centrepieces
Wedding Centerpiece - Orchids



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  1. Simply fantastic Orchids wedding party decorations. Those centerpieces are looking absolutely adorable. I have also got invitation to attend a DIY weekend wedding at one of most popular New York wedding venues. So excited to be part of that seaside ceremony!