Sunday, May 9, 2010

Surprise Engagement Photography

Looking through (stalking) endless Facebook photo albums of friends and friends of friends and friends of those friends I always have an emotional reaction to the engagement photos.

Capturing that candid moment translates true emotion, surprise, happiness into a photograph that your friends and family can share with you. That you can cherish forever.

I realize that for some "the moment" is meant to be private and something that only the two of you share, but for me (a photograph addict), I would love nothing more than to have a paparazzi stalking me as I get engaged.

As I searched the Internet high and low to find some awesome examples of just this I also came across a New York Times article that elaborates on the idea of hiring a photographer to stalk you for a few hours.

“The trend is on the rise to have all the moments documented in your life” 

“But as time has gone on, with the proliferation of the paparazzi, reality television and online autobiography all kind of cooked together, people almost feel it’s really the only way to document something. Proposal photographs represent the absolute beginning of the marriage story..."

“You can take pictures with the woman you love all this time, but the smile on her face in that moment is something you can’t recreate.”

A Perfect Proposal in Paris

Tim's Proposal to Sula

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