Monday, May 10, 2010

A Perfect Pear

Everyone has an image that evokes a special, happy feeling or memory. For me it's a pear.

Our coat of arms includes three pears. I've associated with the imagery of the fruit all my life. A bouncer at a night club on Korcula used to call me his little pear (the nickname wasn't welcomed, at least not coming from him).

A pear reminds me of my ancestors, of the pride they took in the family symbol, in our family. It reminds me of all those times I've run up and down the stairs of our family house and looked up at it and felt the sense of belonging. I often wondered if the individual who started our coat of arms could have ever imagined that it would hold such a special place in my heart centuries later.

To say the least I've decided to provide you with some ideas of how you can incorporate pears into your special day.
Image of Porcelain Pear-Shaped Vase

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personalized pear - LOVE


  1. Need to sign up to google first..

  2. Ok,..where was I....
    I'm an Arneri as well, and from what I can gather, most probably some cousin of yours!

    Love your blog,.. yesterday came across it.. Didn't know there were any Arneris in Canada?!!

    I recently had a taylor make me a nice flag of our coat of arms,.. talk about dedication:))

    Anyways,..who was your Arneri decendent?!
    You talk about your Family Palace?! I assume you're not talkin about "The Palazzo of Arneri" in the old part of Korcula?!
    (Most of it got ex-propriated by the Communists in 1944-45)..

    Write Back!

  3. Hey Joe Black,

    I am talking about The Palazzo of Arneri. My grandmother sold it in 2006 and broke my heart with it. I spent every summer of my life in that enchanted house surrounded by cousins. My grandmother's maiden name is Arneri, her parents Jure and Anka Arneri are my great grandparents.

    Where do you live now? We moved to Canada in 95.

    I'd love to have a taylor made flag of our coat of arms...I'd also love a stone replica of the coat of arms that hung in the Palace. I need to find a stone mason.

    Have a great day!

  4. Hiya,
    For starters, your blog is realy hard to open. There is too many photos on it. As we speak, I'm viewing it from Google user content, not from your actual blog.
    My PC freezes when I'm trying to open it.

    Your great grandparents wouldn't happen to be Dr iur. Djuro Arneric & Anka Bulic?!
    If thats so, whose your grandmother; Marinka, Julka or Olga?!

    I suspect you're talkin about the Castle of Arneri in Blato (not the Palace in Korcula City)... I'm aware that in 2006 the castle and all outbuildings associated with it, were bought up by the city council, for some reason.
    I suspect not all Arneris sold out!
    Anyhow, I'm a decendant of Dr Geronimo 3rd Arneri. Most others (u included) are decendant from his brother Rafaeli 4th.
    All 'Geronymites' are today considered English Arneris. 'Rafaelytes' are split between Yugos & Croatians!
    Whats your surname??

  5. Hi,

    The blog is to show wedding inspirations so pictures are required. I didn't realize they were hard to view. I'll try and work on that.

    Those were my greatgrandparents!! My grandmother is Julka. I'm named after Anka (Ana). She was my favorite! She lived to be 98 years old.

    I was talking about the Palace in Korcula City. 2/3 of it had been in our family until recently. Our 1/3 was the front of the palace looking out at the Bay. That's the part that my grandmother and her sisters sold in 2006. My greatgrandfather's brother's family still lives in the 2/3 and they have part of the courtyard. The final third is owned by the city. I believe that in the last 80s, early 90s there was a huge fire in that part of the Palace.

    I had no idea we were everywhere! Thank you for a small history lesson, i'd love to learn more. Do you have our family tree? I believe my aunt has one, but I haven't seen it in years.

    You can write me at, i rather not give out my last name here.

  6. Arneri's and talking on English? C'mon...
    Veliki pozdrav za sve moje rodjake sirom sveta iz Beograda!

  7. This is very interesting, my grandmother was an Arneri, her father was Gerolomo and her grandfather (my great, great grandfather) was Rafo. I had the opportunity to visit the Arneri palace in the early 1980's with my mother, and perhaps it was your grandmother that showed us around. I remember a beautiful view to the water. My parents and my grandmother came to Canada in 1956.

  8. Greetings, fellow name holders.
    I am also an Arneri.
    As per my profession in Historical Studies, I decided to do extensive research on my surname about 2 years ago. I am one of those Arneris of North Italian decent.

    My findings (Supported by the Public Records Office of the City of Rome) suggested that somewhere in the mid 1700s a certain Anton Arneri came to Bologna to marry one of the daughter's of Federico Bernardini (a nobleman from the City of Lucca). They had 4 kids of which one died at birth. He was either from Korcula or Lessina (Hvar). One of those!

    Unfortunatelly, I was unable to get access to the records at the Vatican, (since Bologna & its province used to be owned by the Papal States).
    Anyhow, with the fall of Napoleone Boneparte, Bernardinis (who were loyal supporters & contributors), ended up being ousted by the Papacy from Bologna; probably retreating to Switzerland, with the French Army.

    Anton Arneri and his wife & family ended up living in Milan.
    The next generation down the line, integrated & assimulated into city life, moving from the walled center to Corpi Santi. And then from there various branches emerged in later years; in Rome, Genoa, Torino, Chile, Argentina, New York, etc.
    Let me just point out that like you guys from Korcula, we are also able to link faces with various factions. This is because Anton Arneri and the Bernardis kept clear records early on (pointing to their earlier wealth).

    Although I have closed the file on all this some time ago, its still nice to get suprised every once in a while.