Thursday, April 15, 2010

Personalized Portraits by Nan Lawson

I was creeping on a couple of months ago (one of my favorite wedding blogs of all time) and came across these super cute personalized illustrations by Nan Lawson. As soon as I laid my eyes on them I knew I had to have one of my sweetie and I (and our family dogs...since no couple's portrait is complete without the family pets).

So I emailed Nan and asked her how it worked. She asked me to email her pictures of us and let her know if we have certain pieces of clothing we absolutely love to wear or imagery we want to incorporate. I probably emailed her a thousand pictures and way too many ideas of what she should incorporate, so Nan deserves props for being able to sift through my jumbled email and include the most significant aspects of our lives.

The H on bf's cardigan is for Harvard where he played hockey in college. The pear in my hand is for our family crest (Three Pears = Arneri). I am wearing my coral necklace (heart it). Finny (Westie) and Mika (Golden Retriever) are our pride and joy and probably my favorite beings (animals) in the world.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my finished piece of art and it doesn't hurt that the bf loved the gesture.

With the purchase (only $40US + shipping) you get a printed illustration in the mail and the digital image to use however you'd like. Perfect for your save the dates, or even for a custom wedding invitation. The possibilities are endless.

Hopefully you will love yours as much as I love mine :)

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