Monday, February 1, 2010

Key to my Heart

Holding an antique key in my hand, the key to my greatgrandmother's home on the island of Korcula, Croatia takes me back to my childhood. Entering the orange door that features two windows with iron cast designs in the Arneri Palace made me feel like I lived in an era far far ago. Running up the marble steps to reach the second story, only to run up the last flight of wooden stairs on all fours and pretend to be a kitty. My greatgrandmother, whom I'm named after, would always play along and yell as she heard the meows...How did a kitty get inside the house?  Where is this little kitten? Those memories I will cherish forever. So much so that when I first returned at the age of 16, a few years after she passed away at 98 years of age, I got on all fours and meowed. I felt at home.

Antiquity have always intrigued me. The artifacts felt heavy in my hands, heavy with love that carved/cast/molded them. Antique keys feel as if they belong to another time, a time where romance and chilverly live on. Where knights actually rescue their princesses from dangerous dragons, or at least write love letters marked with their singlet. Here are a few ideas on how to incporate an antique key into your wedding day.

Tiffany&Co. came out with a key pendent necklace not too long ago. They have many options of shapes and sizes, along with metals and varieties to choose from. Price range is from a couple of hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars (depends on the number&size od diamonds) that you can choose from. Currently they're advetising it as the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, however I think it makes a lovely wedding gift from a husband to be to his future wife, or even a bridesmaids gift.that all the girls can wear on your special day.

Love the work photographer Olivia Leigh captured for Julie and Brett's wedding day.

Amazing, amazing boutonnieres by Etsy artist Sanctusatura that incorporate antique keys.

Gifts for groomsmen

Gifts for bridesmaids

Keychains for Mr. and Mrs.

Vintage key stickers you can incorporate into your favour's design, or seal your invitations with.

He who holds the key

He who holds the key