Monday, February 8, 2010

Heart Month - Red Red Red!

It's that time again, February is upon us and love is in the air. Some people think V-day is too commercialized and others wait all year long for Feb 14th. I always wonder how many people will actually get engaged on this day. I know the Holidays are a popular time for proposals, but is Valentine's Day? How about for weddings? If you were proposed to or decided to get married on V-day send me a note and some pictures of your special day. Below is an entry that focuses on the color R.E.D. and how you can incorporate it in your wedding day.

I'm not sure about every culture, but I know that back home (former Yugoslavia) people receive envelopes containing money as weddings gifts. I know this is true for the Italian culture as well as the Chinese, but I'm not sure about others. Let me know if it's also a tradition in yours!

Wedding Card Box -Customizable

Wedding Card Box -Customizable


  1. I'm really into a few of those flower hairpieces; I like the big silk one where you can just see the back of the girls head. ALSO I heart the fold-over red clutch. And the last picture with the tall vases leads to some great inspirations for my table decorations :D
    I only know one person who got engaged on Valentine's Day... they ended up calling off the wedding. But I'm sure that would not be true of everyone. I personally think we should treat each day like it's Valentines :)

  2. I agree!
    The tall vases are really cool. The fold over clutch was just something interesting i thought bridesmaids could carry, or a gift from the bride for each of the girls.
    Glad you liked the post.

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