Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Inspired by the Sea

The other week while Christmas shopping I came across the prettiest design accessories that I thought would be perfect for my condo...or one day for my centre pieces. They were at Anthropologie an were to die for. That is until I turned one over and saw the price. The price quickly made me step away from my beloved little trinkets and I left thinking about them and where I could find something similar.

(Before I left the store I quickly snapped a picture using my Instagram iPhone App for future reference)

Today I received my ETSY Wedding email and to my surprise saw something extremely similar to what I had fallen in love with at Anthropologie. Except the price was much much better and I'd be supporting an artist who had hand crafted these little jewels.

BeautifulDetailsWed is the store on etsy that sells these amazing, beautiful, sea inspired antique, aqua bottles. LOVE THEM!!!

Check out the store and fall in love with all the items for sale!
Vintage Aqua Glass Beer Bottle with Rough Abalone ShellSet of 3 Vintage Aqua Glass Bottles with SeashellsVintage Aqua Glass Bottle with Red Sea FanVintage Aqua Glass Bottle with Black Sea Fan

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