Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vanja and Kenji's Doshida by Ian Woo

I met Vanja (bride) and Ian (photographer/designer) while we all worked for Critical Mass in Calgary Alberta. They both worked as graphic designers, while I worked as an analyst. Vanja and Kenji were dating at that time. Shortly after we all started working there, Vanja and Kenji decided to move to Montreal. The lifestyle, architecture, art and fashion appealed more to them. Soon after Ian followed.

Ian attended Vanja and Kenji's wedding and took some photographs while in attendance. I think the photos speak for themselves. What a beautiful day to celebrate the marriage of Vanja and Kenji! What a beautiful venue! What beautiful photographs Ian!

You can check out some of Ian's photography @ 

Groom and his groomsmen waiting for the bridal party.

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